On the threshold these objects seem to exist in a different dimension, as if a collection of a Museum of Fantasy Journey. A sailor and an evzone guard the living room entrance. The landscape of Ano Syros and Faneromeni, enters the room through the windows, while the rose aquarium and the dwarfs create a cozy atmosphere. The islander sofa awaits the visitor for a siesta under the irregular orbit of the Baccarat crystals.

When it comes to have a seat, you really don’t know what to choose: The Voltaire sofa? An authentic piece of furniture that belonged to the family – a dental chair? What about the Philippe Starck armchair? Or, perhaps, the theater seat and let the show begin! The sea invades the room through the large turquoise table and the kites of, Clean Monday, moving swiftly and airily right over it. Will these arboreal animals start crawling? Will Chrysa’s engraved dog bark? Will the cicadas sing? Will the doll-house furniture aligned over our heads start playing the “Toy Symphony”? Will all these happen under the light of the kantili, vigil lamp, a gift by Valentini form the Kyveli Institute, the mermaid torch or the lighthouses?

A ‘boat bed’ was pulled to shore, where our workspace lays. When it comes to travelling maps are useful, but we prefer spinning toys instead of compasses, because the earth rotates as well. If you search for better luck and want to avoid a shipwreck, we strongly recommend the lessons at the sailing club, Naftikos Omilos.

We love and respect the animals. The wild animals, our dogs and cats, Mati, Iris, Lulu, Makis, Nikos, Gin, Ilex… hang out around Cruella De Vil’s portrait. “Whoever she is, they have always depended on the kindness of strangers.”

The globe arch is the passageway to the holy antechamber, where the gods and the saints eavesdrop those who fall asleep and forgive their sinful acts. This long and narrow boat-like room is extended by a metal patio, hooked on the wall, like a hatchway in a ship’s deck. Right beneath it one can see the waves and the cliffs, the hills and the sea line of Tinos and Mykonos, the untraveled seas. The mirrors and chromolithography works installed on the walls expand the space and remind us of other trips, other cities, other people…

In the kitchen, metal lives in peace with Naxos marble, relics from the temples and the turmoil of the construction sites. We make our best with the simple and fine ingredients of our vegetable garden, in order to prepare recipes inspired from all over the world.

So many kitchens brought together, ending up to one that is uncomplicated, sunny, tasty and international.


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