Personal Welcoming

Welcome home. Whether it is for a weekend or more, we want you to feel like home, comfortable, ready to discover the island under the best conditions. Any special requests? Personal needs? Do not hesitate to ask. Just dream of your stay at Loukoum and we will take care of the rest.

Indoor meals

Ask for the menu, which includes the island’s specialties. Discover homemade dishes, prepared by us, with local products and vegetables from the garden we personally made and take care of, in order to guarantee for pure products all year round.

Free Wi–Fi

We offer free wireless internet access all over the domain, the houses, the pool side, the large arbor at the Agora, where the working table is situated.

Swimming Pool

It is true that there are plenty of beaches in the island, more or less hidden, within 10 minutes from the house. However, you will certainly relax and enjoy lounging in chaises next to the pool.


We all love animals. We take care of them. Gin and Ilex, our two Scottish Terriers, 5 and 3 years old, have their own character. Although they are not very keen of cats, they seem to be fine with Lalou. Inform us about your pets and its habits and we shall prepare a special welcoming.


Depending on your request, we could organize small cooking or tasting seminars in both spaces, the “Rock Kitchen” and the “Open Kitchen.” We could also organize Greek language, ceramics, yoga, dance, music, massage or local flora seminars. Pease, place your request in advance, so that we can do our best to accommodate your needs. Having any ideas about organizing your own workshop? We would be glad to hear about it. Birthdays, wedding anniversaries? Special events? We are here to organize everything with you.


Kids are always welcome. However, the houses are designed according to the rules of grown ups such as us, that still believe they are kids. Therefore, do not expect any safety banisters, such as the ones a head can pass through. Low berms are places where we can sit comfortably, but could fall down if we are not cautious. There are big height differences and sharp cliffs, and a swimming pool without safety rules. Yes, in Greece none of this is mandatory. We think that LouKouM is not really convenient for children under the age of 10. If you are disciplined and between the age of 10 and 110, then you are mostly welcome! You will be grateful for this rule.